Cruises & Ticketing

Family Friendly Cruise

Our crew is ready for your arrival as we navigate the Gulf of Mexico. Your teamwork is needed as we fire upon the bad guys with the cannon that protects our ship! We promise to share some booty with you as we celebrate our success while sailing the high seas back into port. We're talking swashbuckling fun with our treasure chests, face painting, pirate games, dancing, cannons, limbo, and more!

Adult Only Cruise

Weigh Anchor and hoist the mizzen for our ARRRRRRRGH rated cruise! Let the pillaging and looting begin for only $20! Step aboard the Pieces of Eight at Salty Sam's Marina for a 90-minute swashbuckling show. Sail the seas at 7pm through Matanzas Pass to the Gulf of Mexico with Captain Fancy Face Phil, Pickpocket Pete, Peg-Leg Meg and the rest of the crew!

Spot ye some dolphin on the open air decks or find yer way to the galley and become an instant pirate- just add rum!
Surrender ye booty to the dance floor and swagger with the motion of the ocean.
Walk the plank back to Big Game ( or Parrot Key ( to wet yer whistle with grog and grub to finish the night!
Just remember, no slap & tickle 'o the wenches!

Ticket Prices

Age 1 and under: $0.00
Age 2 to 13: $24.95
Little Buccaneer: $32.25

The purchase of the Little Buccaneer ticket includes a Pirate Bandanna, Eye Patch, and Sword making for one fun experience your little buccaneer will never forget!

Captain Kid: $40.00

The Captain Kid ticket includes a Water Pistol, Eye Patch, Pirate Hat, Pirate Hook and a Pirate Booty Bag with Coins offering a more interactive experience with the pirates!

Adult (14 and up): $29.95
Adult Only Cruise: $20 (no coupons accepted)